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    England, 1833

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    Out of South Africa comes Mary Sibande recognized for her project called,  Long Live the Dead Queen. The exhibition revolves around a character named Sophie Ntombikayise, a maid inspired from her personal family history of four generations involved in domestic work. 

    “Sophie’s eyes are always closed as she dreams and desires things that a maid and her family never had. Sibande created the figure in order to pay tribute to her mother, grandmother and her great-grandmother in a four figure sculpture series.  In this, Sibande too becomes the maid, crafting the history of the women in her family.”

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    Work in progress, July 17, 2013.

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    ♡ vintage/indie ♡

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    Jean-Paul Bourdier’s Bodyscapes collection is a gorgeous blurring of the lines between man and earth. The California-based photographer uses traditional film, forgoing any digital manipulation to capture his models’ performance art. Meanwhile, Bourdier’s use of body paint makes for stunning color gradients and a calming sense of symmetry across the vast natural expanse. Beautiful.

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